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Initial Startup and Planning 

We will work with the contracting company and partnering business to define our scope of work, execute it, and deliver all tasks as agreed upon.  The terms of the contract will be agreed upon, for both duration, hours of engagement per day and location for providing the work.  We will charge less for contracts allowing for remote engagements, which we have significant experience with. We will not be satisfied until your business objectives are achieved.

Partnering with you to understand your requirements, we will create custom Microsoft Power BI reports, either on-premise or in the cloud, using OData. We can provide reports and dashboards that allow you to drill down to specific project information, while also rolling up and consolidating all project data as well.  This tool and our knowledge of it will truly provide powerful Business Intelligence. In addition, we can add value to the contract by providing a custom training program for both the end users and developers of Power BI reports.

Microsoft Power BI Reporting

Microsoft Project Server

Application Management

We start with a discovery process to understand any existing Microsoft Project Server application environments. Post such, we will work under contract to provide direct assistance in managing your key users, fields, menus, data entry screen and reports.  We have significant experience with Project Server 2013 (on-prem) environments, Project Online (Cloud) and application upgrades.  With advanced notice, we can also provide additional training on Microsoft Project functionality, in order to drive further adoption and use across your organization.  ​​ 

Sound Good?

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